Exibart – 222 emerging artists worth investing in / 2018

Simafra was selected by Exibart for the publication “222 emerging artists worth investing in / 2018”, a collection of 222 emerging artists selected by the most prestigious curators, critics, journalists and art galleries.

The publication, edited by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, aims at offering a focus on the emerging scene of contemporary Italian art. The selection work was carried out with a scientific approach by interviewing hundreds of operators in the industry, especially contemporary art galleries, one of Italy’s excellence mark, who have always been some of the most watchful and forward-looking talent scouts. But in the eight months of work, many curators, critics, foundations and specialized journalists have also been consulted, whose preferences have been crossed to elaborate, then, the definitive list of emerging artists to whom they aim.
It has been a long and widespread work that ultimately delivers us, and delivers it to the market, an indispensable tool for evaluating investment in the “emerging” segment of the contemporary art market. Investment, first of all, of a cultural nature. The book is, in fact, a map of talents in different contemporary languages ​​(sound art, painting, sculpture, performance, installations, video art, photography, genetic art, laser art, techno-ecological art, etc.). They are young people, often traced abroad, where they have been repaired to continue and support their own research.
Each artist has dedicated page on the publication, with 1 or 2 photos of the most reputable works, a bilingual statement, contacts, and the range of current average quotes.

The book is available at this link.